Telephone, PBX and VoIP

Telephone technology and computing technology have converged.

Our services cover for phone system installation and programming, phone cabling and VoIP / Skype-PBX Gateways for low-cost calling through Skype from normal phones within the office.

Office PBX Installation

(Panasonic, Siemens, Fujitsu, Forth)

We offer a range of traditional Phone (PBX) Systems with features, such as auto-attendant, voice mailbox, call conferencing, meeting room terminal etc.

VoIP (Skype) Gateway

Skype is widely regarded as the leading Voice over Internet (VoIP) calling service, with great Sound Quality and Reasonable rates.

With our Skype Gateway box, we add to your PBX so dialling ‘8’ (for example) will make a Skype out call.
Detailed logs and account balance notifications are sent to your email (weekly or monthly or as often as you need).
We can support up 30 simultaneous Skype calls.

Other benefits include:

– Huge cost saving on international calls (land or mobile numbers)
– Reduce no. of physical lines
– Scalable Solution. Up to 99 Concurrent calls
– Outsiders can call to you on a Skype-In number (Low cost for them as they call to UK or US number)

Thailand Office

Hong Kong Office

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