Data Recovery and Backup

When it comes to data backup, generally there are 3 popular technologies:

Backup TechnologyProsCons
Tape Backup

  • Very Robust. Easy to transport for safe off-site storage.

  • Long retention time (increase recoverability by being able to go back in time to find lost data)

  • Tapes are not overly expensive for high volume storage

  • High volume Storage from 200 - 1,600 GB per tape.

  • More expensive.

  • Requires Additional Backup Software to run well. (reporting and granular restore)

  • Recovery can take longer than disk backup.

Disk Backup

  • Not robust. (A disk can easily be damaged if dropped).

  • Requires additional Backup software for reporting.

  • Typically the retention is less than 1 month so there is lower recoverability / archiving of data.

  • Data is not always held off-site for safety.

Internet Backup

  • Cheap

  • Data is off-site

  • Slow. Often too slow in the case of Thailand.

  • Recovery process can be very slow if complete system recovery required.

Downtime and data loss can be very costly to a business. For example a server failure without reliable backup can cost days of time to resolve.

We are able to recommend, design and implement a backup solution that is right for your business whether it be disk, internet or tape based backup (including auto-loader libraries for high-volume storage).

Part of the approach is to ensure there is a documented and followed procedure for the backup. The goal of backup should be to maximise the ease and completeness of recovery in the event of data loss or hardware failure.

We are also a reseller for leading backup solutions including Symantec BackupExec, CA ArcServe and Acronis TrueImage Echo Server

Acronis is a powerful image based backup solution allowing a complete copy of a server or workstation disk to be made whilst the machine is operational. Should there be a hardware failure at the server, the complete image can be restored to alternative hardware (if needed) and provide a fast recovery period.

Symantec BackupExec and CA ArcServe are more typical file level backup systems. They provide complete backup of a server at a file level. However in the case of server failure the restore process is typically more involved as requires reinstalling the OS and Backup software before the data can be restored.

Data Recovery

Using specialized ‘forensic’ tools we are able to recover deleted files and failed hard disks. Where data recivery is needed we can ‘surface scan’ a disk for information and in the worst case we use a 3rd party to dismantle the disk in a clean room and use special equipment to extract the data.

This can include for desktop and server systems (even complex RAID 5 disk mirrors where more than one disk may have had a problem).

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