IT Staffing / FTE provision

We support numerous multinationals and Global IT Serice proviers to deliver capable IT personnel for specific roles. In many cases we maintain the staff on our books as an FTE (full time engineer) and provide the sevice to our customer’s to meet their hiring and contractual requirements. Sometimes also we also provide back-fill (in case of staff absence) and Professional Indemnity insurance as well as customer specific requirements.

Finding good IT Staff can be a challenge for many companies. What we have experienced is that people without IT knowledge (including some recruitment companies) are not always able to assess the cabability of an IT worker in terms of their IT skills. This is something we can do as we understand the IT jargon and can validate well for the candidates thought process in terms of problem solving, depth of knowledge and applying knowledge to specific problems or tasks. We use a number of real world scenarios to assess this (with interactive testing). In our screening process  we are also assessing candidates communication in terms of articulating both techincal and evevyday language as well as attitude, personality, presentation and personal and work history.

Based on our screening and selection formula we can source candidates to suit a role’s requirements.

Typically we take into consideration experiences, technical skills, language skills, aptitude and attitude.

After screening, we will present candidates that are fitting to the job scope and skill requirement, until a suitable candidate is chosen.

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