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The speaker, Richard Burnett, has over 14 years of customer focused service experience, provided to both small and very large organizations, and working at many different levels. Richard worked in England and Australia before settling in Thailand seven years ago, and currently he serves as a Director of the IT service and sales company Clarity IT Co., Ltd. He is a Microsoft Certified Professional, with Systems Engineer, System Administrator, and NetIQ AppManager certifications.


@The Bar with the British Council and British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand

Richard was invited as a speaker along with the Director and General Manager from main line True Internet Service Corporation and adviser to the secretary of the Ministry of ICT.

Joint Chamber Seminar 3 – Making the Most of Internet Services for your Business

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This particular seminar aims to provide a constructive briefing to the people responsible for and actively using IT systems to help them understand what types of service (from ISPs) are available, what is likely to be best for them, how to set it up effectively and securely, and some issues they may face (including how SPAM is being handled). It will also cover how connections can set up to remote systems e.g. to allow working on an office system from home.

Joint Chamber Seminar 2 – Maximize E-mail and Spam Control

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As the second of a series of IT Skills Facilitation Seminars, this briefing is intended for SME owners and employees who are responsible for and actively use IT systems. It will be computer-based training where you will gain practical hands-on experience of working with e-mail in better ways. Focussing on MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express, but also covering other e-mail systems, we will guide you through ways to improve the usage of e-mail in business.

Joint Chamber Seminar 1 – How to Maximize the Value of your Office IT Equipment

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As the first of a series of IT Skills Facilitation Seminars, this briefing is targeted at SME owners and employees responsible for and/or actively using IT systems. It aims to help you with confronting the sometimes daunting task of dealing with the rapidly changing world of IT hardware and software.

The seminar is non-technical, and will outline IT “best practices” which are relevant to an SME. The briefing aims to show you:

  • how to make better use of your IT systems

  • how to make your systems more reliable and secure

  • when is the optimal time to upgrade systems and what is the most cost effective way to do this

  • how to support your systems and where you can get help

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