Hosted Services

ClarITy provides Internet hosting services for web sites, e-mail, databases, e-commerce, and domain management. This is done through a highly redundant Server. Our server is monitored and we receive alerts in case of problem.

– Fast server. (Xeon CPU)

– Fast network (>50-100Mb/s) with Redundant connections.

– RAID10 storage (for speed and fault tolerance).

– Monitored service.

– Direct Tier 3 Support

– Remote Control Access

– Peer 1’s Fast Fibre Network, with 22 Points of Presence, Level 3, Savvis, Tinet, Teleglobe upstreams, over a thousand peers, and 15,000 miles of fiber.

– 100% uptime SLA from data center.

– Local Firewall on server.

Thailand Office

Hong Kong Office

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