Our experienced Network Cabling Engineer and Degree qualified Telecommunications engineer can fit-out any kind of network installation.


We are used to working in offices to cable LAN, Phone and electric when needed. Our experience covers drilling walls and concrete floors, running through ceilings  and floor spaces with metal sheathing etc.

  • Installation of any type of networking:
    –          LAN Cat 5 / Cat 6
    –          Fiber Optic
    –          Telephone Cabling
    –          Wireless / WiFi / WiMax High Speed Wireless
    –          Microwave / Line of Site
  • Configuring and installation Internet services:
    –          Leased Line
    –          xDSL / ADSL
    –          ISDN
  • Configuring of WAN links, routers and intelligent switches.
  • Network topological planning and network device recommendation.
  • Full end-to-end cable testing and guaranteed work.

Example of our work:


Cabling re-fit. Sathorn City Tower. Sathorn Road


Re-wiring corporate networking

– cutting and re-crimping all cables.

– install cable management.

– reconfigure rack.

– end-to-end testing.

– completed in 2 days at a weekend.


Total Cabling Fit Out – 80 points Cat 6 at Industrial Estate in Chonburi

Structured Cat6 Cabling

Structured Cabling – PoE Managed Switching

Ceiling Cabling running in metal sheath

Cable runs before inseting to patch panel

Working on Office LAN wiring

Wireless Networking

WiFi has become increasingly popular with ‘hot-spots’ springing up everywhere.

These hot-spots allow people to connect to the internet or office LAN from almost any notebook or hand-held device.

We are excited to see the older and sometimes problematic technologies have now advanced sufficiently to make WiFi networking a very effective technology and sometimes a cost saving alternative to fitting out or re-wiring cables in an office space.

Thailand Office

Hong Kong Office

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