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1. Check engineer contact detail for requested site in below table:

Location  Primary Engineer Backup Engineer (After 3 attempts to reach primary engineer)
Korat (Nakhorn Ratchasima) Santichai: +66 (6) 4274 2321 Patchavet: +66 (8) 3 986 1595
Saraburi (all sites) Patchavet: +66 (8) 3 986 1595 Santichai: +66 (6) 4274 2321
Lopburi (all sites) Patchavet: +66 (8) 3 986 1595

2. If the primary engineer is unavailable after 3 attempts, please contact backup engineer.

3. Submit job detail via email to Clarity IT service desk as well as engineer.

4. Engineer proceeds with on-site service arrangement as per instructions.

National Public holidays of Thailand in 2022

Day Date Holiday Comments
Saturday January 01 New Years Day Wan Khuen Pi Mai
Wednesday February 16 Makha Bucha Day Date varies depending on the lunar cycle
Monday April 11 Songkran Festival Annual Holiday
Tuesday April 12 Songkran Festival Annual Holiday
Wednesday April 13 Songkran Festival Annual Holiday
Thursday April 14 Songkran Festival Annual Holiday
Monday May 02 National Labour day Substitution National Labour day
Wednesday July 13 Asahna Bucha Day Date varies depending on the lunar cycle
Thursday July 28 The King’s Birthday H.M. The King’s Birthday
Friday August 12 Mothers Day H.M. The Queen Sirikit’s Birthday
Monday December 05 Fathers Day
H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej The Great’s Birthday
Thursday December 29 Annual Holiday Annual Holiday
Friday December 30 Annual Holiday
Annual Holiday
Saturday December 31 New Years Eve Wan Sin Pi

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